An Airstrip and MAF Airplanes Pave the Way for Clinic and School to Help the Moi Tribe in Papua, Indonesia

Stephen and Carolyn Crockett, missionaries among the Moi people in a remote village of Papua, Indonesia, were often awakened at night by the cries of desperate parents.

The couple have lived and worked with the Moi people since 2000. They and their own two children were far from any medical center, or any other modern convenience, for that matter, according to Jennifer Wolf writing for Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF).

“We maybe had some trauma from years of being here and going through times where the ‘plague’ or something would go through … we’d have a lot of babies dying, people sick,” said Stephen.

Stephen and Carolyn are not trained medical professionals, but even with just a basic understanding of first aid, they were often the closest thing the Moi had to medical care.

“We took care of the medical needs of the Moi people up until 2016,” said Carolyn. “It was nerve-wracking at times, wondering if we were helping them properly with their medical needs. But we’ve been very thankful that that responsibility has been lifted off our shoulders.”

Today, Mission Aviation Fellowship says there’s a clinic in the Moi village—and an elementary school. There are Christian doctors, nurses, and teachers. An airstrip, completed in 2008, opened the doors for all of this.

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SOURCE: Assist News