30 More Christians in Eritrea Arrested as Crackdown Continues

Word of an ongoing crackdown on Christians comes out of Eritrea today. Todd Nettleton, spokesman for the Voice of the Martyrs USA tells us, “Just last week, June 3rd, 30 more Christians were arrested. This comes after a couple weeks before [when] 141 Christians in the capital city of Asmara were arrested.”

Trouble in Eritrea

Hundreds of Christians have been arrested and are in prison with no way out. Nettleton says some Christians have been imprisoned for 15 years. In 2002, the current president declared that all independent Protestant Churches as official “enemies of the state.”

This latest purge shows the crackdown on Christians continues.

“The government sees Christianity as a way that foreign influence comes into the country. They see it as a threat to the government, to their authority. But it’s hard to understand why, over those years, literally thousands of Christians have been arrested. Not a single Christian has been formally charged with a crime. Not a single Christian has had an actual trial,” Nettleton explains.

Once arrested, some Eritrean Christians wind up in shipping containers where they languish for years. Others simply disappear.

Of the shipping containers, Nettleton says, “It’s not a jail. It’s not a place that was built to house people or house prisoners. It’s simply a shipping container that can be locked in and there’s not a bathroom inside of it. There’s very little airflow.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Bethann Flynn