YouTube Removes Video from Project Veritas Exposing Pinterest’s Anti-Christian Bias and Censorship

YouTube took down a video from independent journalist Tim Pool discussing Project Veritas’ recent interview with an insider at social media platform Pinterest, who exposed anti-Christian bias at the company.

Pool said that unlike other video takedowns, YouTube tried to remove his video quietly, without notifying him.

The journalist shared an image showing that there was no explanation for the video’s removal. Pool says this is unusual, even for the Google-owned YouTube.

“I have never seen this before,” said Pool. “Any removal usually has a line next to it explaining it. I never got an email or any kind of notice — this was quietly removed without telling me.”

Pool later clarified that he did discover an email from YouTube notifying him of the takedown — but said that it “didn’t come in the normal way.” Pool says the email was hidden away in the “social” tab of his Gmail account as opposed to his primary inbox.

This is the second time YouTube has censored the Pinterest story. It previously removed Project Veritas’ original video with the insider.

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SOURCE: Breitbart News, Allum Bokhari