Texas Bride Refuses to Hire Lesbian Make-up Artist for Her Wedding, But Says ‘If at Any Time You Change Your Mind About Being Gay, Let Me Know and I’ll Book You’ (Which Will Never Happen)

Kristian Cardenas

A Texas bride-to-be has sparked outrage online after she refused to book a make-up artist because she was gay and then proceeded lecture her on why being a lesbian is ‘sinful’ in a series of homophobic texts.

Cosmetics expert Kristian Cardenas, from Lubbock, say she was taken aback by the woman’s shift in attitude after her sexuality was revealed in a chain on text messages on June 12.

The interaction ended with the anonymous bridezilla declaring that she didn’t want Cardenas anywhere near her wedding, but told her to let her known if she ‘changes her mind’ about her sexuality in time for the ceremony so she can hedge a booking after all.

Cardenas took to social media and uploaded pictures of the vile interaction, accompanying the screenshots with a message urging people to be kind to one another regardless of their differences.

The post has since been like 310,000 times and received in excess of 71,000 retweets – sparking outrage online.

Cardenas’ interaction with the woman, who has not been named, started out harmlessly, with the her inquiring about pricing for Cardenas’ services.

But immediately after receiving the information she requested, the woman opened a completely separate line of questioning.

Text messages / pt 1
Text messages / pt 2

‘Are you gay?,’ the woman abruptly asks.

Cardenas confirmed that ‘Yes ma’am, I am,’ but inquired what such a personal question has to do with her services or abilities as a professional makeup artist.

‘I don’t want a gay person doing my wedding,’ the woman responded, adding that she had been wondering if she was gay or not from her photos.

Opting for a professional response, Cardenas told the woman that’s ‘totally fine’ and told her to have a nice day, but the insults and judgement from the would-be client kept coming in abundance.

‘I still have more questions,’ she continues. ‘How can you be a Latina woman and be gay? You do know being gay is a sin, correct?’

‘I will pray for you my friend. I’m sorry that you’ve chosen a path that’s going to take you straight to hell.

The tirade of abhorrent messages ended with the woman saying: ‘I think you do beautiful make-up but I just can’t have someone who’s gay being a part of my special day.

‘The wedding is in a church and I don’t want you walking into my church. If at any time you change your mind about being gay, let me know and I’ll book you.’

Cardenas never replied to the latter texts but she spoke out online against the homophobia she endured, insisting the exchange shows the adversity the LGBTQ community face even still, in 2019.

‘Openly sharing who I am with the world is my choice; a choice I will never apologize for,’ Cardenas said in a tweet, emotionally reflecting on her conversation with the woman. ‘I love what I do and who I am. Today I was taken back a little bit.

‘Homophobia is a real issue still in 2019,’ she continued. ‘Please just be kind to everyone you meet.’

In the tweet’s wake, thousands poured in with support for Cardenas lambasting the ‘Bridezilla’s’ behavior, branding it ‘disgusting’ and ‘judgemental’.

‘This is disgusting,’ one user said. ‘I’m so sorry you were talked to this way! They said they’ll pray for you? Nah honey, way I see it they the one that truly needs Jesus. I’ll be praying for that judgmental homophobic human who thought this was okay.’

Another added: ‘Wow! I can’t believe people like that idiot exist in real life! It’s so surreal! All my support and love. Your makeup work is fantastic!’

Though she missed out on a potential booking, Cardenas’ post seems as though it may lead to potential new opportunities for the budding makeup artist.

‘As a recently baptized Catholic (raised Catholic my whole life just never had the education), I want to fly you to Pittsburgh next year and have you do all the hair and makeup for me and my fiancée’s wedding,’ said one outraged user.

Cardenas thanked everyone for their support, providing an update that she had now blocked the woman’s number and the friend that had recommended her services.

‘I blocked her number, name and her friend’s name,’ she said. ‘I don’t want anyone to be hateful to her even though she was to me.’

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Luke Kenton