Tennessee Detective Refuses to Apologize After He Called for Homosexuals to be Executed in Church Sermon

Grayson Fritts delivering a sermon at his church. Pic: Youtube/ All Scripture Baptist Church

A Tennessee detective has refused to apologise after he called for the execution of gay people during a church sermon.

Footage of Grayson Fritts, who is also a leader at the ultra-conservative All Scripture Baptist Church in Knox County, was uploaded on the church’s Facebook page – and then quickly taken down.

In the sermon, he says that police and the government should enforce Leviticus 20:13 from the Bible, which says: “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.”

Detective Fritts is heard repeatedly calling for the death penalty for gay people in the clip, as well as calling gay people “freaks” and “sodomites”.

“They are worthy of death,” he reportedly added.

He is also heard saying police should take riot vans to pride parades to arrest attendees.

Speaking to reporters, Detective Fritts said he did not believe that his beliefs interfered with his work as a police officer, and refused to apologise for his comments.

He said: “It’s totally separate, because if I’m employed by the sheriff’s office, then if they came into the sheriff’s office, obviously they’re allowed there.

“You understand what I’m saying?” he added. “I am the head of this church. I say who comes and goes. Those people are not permitted to join, those people are not permitted to attend.”

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SOURCE: Sky News