Open Doors USA President Says ‘Megachurch Mentality’ Prevents Christians in the West from Caring About Their Persecuted Brothers and Sisters Overseas

An injured girl sits inside a hospital after a suspected Boko Haram attack on the edge of Maiduguri’s inner city, Nigeria. (REUTERS/Ahmed Kingimi)

Open Doors USA President David Curry isn’t afraid to label what’s happening to Nigerian Christians right now “genocide.”

Four thousand Christians died last year at the hands of radical Islamists, whether Boko Haram, Islamic State or Fulani herdsmen. Thousands of others have fled their ancestral homes in fear of their lives.

“It’s not just dislocation,” Curry says. “It’s attack of villages, murdering the people, thousands of them every year.”

Because of the God they serve.

“They’ve been targeted, not because of territorial concerns or strategic politics, but because they have claimed the Name of Jesus as their own,” Curry says. “They had a transformational experience with Jesus, and for that, they have become a target of extremist groups.”

According to Open Doors, Nigeria’s score for violence has stayed as high as possible, primarily due to the increased attacks on Christian communities by militant Fulani herdsmen. These attacks claimed the lives of hundreds of believers during the reporting period, and villages and churches burned to the ground. Additionally, in parts of northern Nigeria, Christians are treated as second-class citizens. Christians from Muslim backgrounds face persecution from their own families.

Nigeria ranks No. 12 on the Open Doors World Watch List, and 99% of the persecution happens through violence.

And Christians in the West really don’t seem to care. Why?

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SOURCE: Charisma News, Jessilyn Lancaster