Nine Suspects in David Ortiz Shooting are Escorted Into Dominican Republic Court Wearing Bullet Proof Vests and Helmets as It Is Revealed They Will be in Custody for Up to a Year Before Trial

Police in Santo Domingo were pictured escorting the men to court on Friday. The motive is not known for the June 9 shooting of Ortiz, bottom left inset, a Boston Red Sox great. Rolfy Ferreira Cruz, bottom right inset, reportedly said he didn’t mean to shoot David Ortiz Sunday. But authorities disputed that, saying Cruz admitted to them Ortiz was the target. Dominican law allows suspects to be held for a year while a case is investigated. Ortiz, 43, was shot in the back while he was at a nightclub with friends on June 9. He has been able to sit up and take some steps, and is expected to recover.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail