Bethany Christian Services is Rebranding to Reflect 75 Years Of Refugee and Foster Care Work

Bethany Christian Services is rebranding their organization to reflect a broader outlook of their work and to help in the expansion and understanding of their programs with partners and beneficiaries.

“We’ve had the same materials around for years,” Bethany’s President Chris Palusky says.

“People, they’ve known us for domestic infant adoption… but people don’t seem to know about just these other areas that we have been working in. Domestic infant adoption is about 13 percent of our work. But working with refugees is about 40 percent of our work; working in the foster care [and] in the foster care adoption space is over 40 percent of our work.”


One of Bethany’s goals in rebranding their organization is to give a better picture of their work.

To do that, they first redesigned their logo. Their new logo is now a big ‘B’ with a cross as a part of it.

Palusky says the idea that fueled this logo was to make it identifiable and easier to point beneficiaries in the right direction while Bethany workers are in the field assisting them.

“People could say, ‘Go to the big ‘B’ with the cross in it,’” Palusky says.

Bethany has also revamped their website to better reflect the number of programs they have and the different ways volunteers can get involved — whether it’s through praying, giving, refugee work, foster care, or adoption.

“But there’s so much more,” Palusky says.

“So, one of the reasons that we’re going through this rebrand is to say this is what Bethany is about. We are the gritty Christians. We always have been and we always will be. And, we’re in the middle of the mess. We’re in the middle of the foster care crisis. We’re in the middle of the unaccompanied minor crisis, and we’re in the middle of the global refugee crisis.

“We’re in the middle of the mess as the gritty Christians because that’s where we believe Christ would want us to be.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Lindsay Steele