Karl Vaters on the One Big Counterintuitive Reason Most Churches Stay Small

Image: Vlad Tchompalov | Unsplash

Why are most churches small?

The common wisdom is that they’re stuck. They’re broken. They must be doing something wrong. If they’d get their act together and fix what’s wrong, they’d start getting bigger.

Certainly, all of that does apply to many churches of all sizes. So we can never dismiss the possibility that the church we serve may have static numbers because we might be making mistakes that can be fixed.

But I want to propose another possible reason why most churches remain small – even those that are doing the right things.

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Small Works

Maybe most small churches stay small because small is the best option for them.

  • Because small aligns with their mission.
  • Because small fits their members’ needs.
  • Because small allows for more people to use their gifts.
  • Because small is how most Christians work well together.
  • Because small is the best way to reach their community.

Because small works.

Maybe most churches are small, not because there’s something wrong, but because that’s what makes the most sense for the work they’re called to do.

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Source: Christianity Today