Christians Flee Burkina Faso After at Least 19 Christians Are Killed in the African Nation

At least 19 Christians were killed earlier this month in Burkina Faso in Africa.

According to French news channel France 24, the Christians were killed on June 9 in the Arbinda village in Burkina Faso.

An official told reporters that several dozen “armed men” attacked the village.

The Barnabas Fund says as many as 29 people could have been killed in the attacks after more deaths were reported.

“There is no Christian anymore in this town (Arbinda),” said a Barnabas Fund source, noting that all Christians in the area had fled the town.

“It’s proven that they were looking for Christians,” the source continued. “Families who hide Christians are killed. Arbinda had now lost a total of no less than 100 people within six months.”

Some 80 pastors and 1,145 Christians in the area have fled the northern part of the country, Barnabas Fund sources said.

This isn’t the first attack in the area. In April, Islamic militants held a pastor, his son and four of church’s members at gunpoint. They demanded that they deny their Christian faith and convert. The group refused and was executed.

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Source: Christian Headlines