Across Nigeria Builds First School for Fulani Muslims to Reach Them with the Gospel

Fulani Muslims are known for violence, but Pastor Brad Brandon of Across Nigeria knows the Gospel “is the power of God unto salvation.”

Yesterday (June 11), construction started on the first school for Fulani Muslims built by Across Nigeria in the area.

Brandon told ASSIST News:”This is the biggest step in reaching the Fulani in nearly 200 years. We are excited to see this project started and I wanted to share it with you all.

“We began with a brief meeting with the village elders, where we prayed with them and they gave us formal permission to break ground. Immediately after that the foreman gathered his men and start working.”

Across Nigeria exists for the purpose of bringing the message of God’s love to every part of Nigeria.

The country is being torn apart by terrorism, corruption, and poverty. These problems are huge, but they have created unbelievable opportunities to deliver the message of Christ to people who desperately need it.

The mission of Across Nigeria is:

** To bring the Gospel message of Jesus Christ everywhere we go. “We believe it is the power of the gospel that brings real healing and lasting change,” Brandon said.

** To disciple believers in the Word of God. “We teach believers the deepness and meaning of being a follower of Jesus Christ,” said Brandon.

** To help persecuted Christians by delivering aid and comfort. He added: “We deliver basic essentials that they are lacking and help to raise awareness of the crisis.”

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SOURCE: Assist News