17-Year-Old Boy Says ‘I Felt God Grab On to Me’ After Miraculously Surviving 50-Foot Fall Off Cliff

A 17-year-old boy is crediting God after a hike Sunday morning turned into a near-deadly fall.

Ben Foster and friends were exploring Frenchman’s Bluff Trail in Cuivre River State Park, located in Saint Louis, Missouri over the weekend near the 120-foot rounded cliff. While there, his foot slipped on a rock which sent him off of the bluff 50 feet down until a branch broke his fall.

“All I could think about was what’s going to happen next? Will I be able to get out of this?” he told local CBS station KMOV. “I just flung my left arm out and grabbed onto it somehow, and just held on”

After a few minutes, which felt like “hours” to Foster, paramedics and fire crews arrived to find him. Once they found the young man, firefighters set up ropes which helped the teen down the bluff.

“I felt God grab on to me and pull on me tight,” he said while holding onto his cross chain.

“God grabbed onto me and brought me to safety,” he added.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law