Why Technology and Social Media Are Neither Good Nor Bad for Christians

Cybersecurity and data mining are top technology issues in today’s digital world, and they affect everyone from government officials to your next-door neighbor.

U.S. tech giant Apple recently came under fire for its lackluster privacy controls. iPhone apps purportedly track troubling amounts of personal data. The problem also exists in Android devices, Washington Post reports; however, Apple’s recent privacy-themed ad campaign draws extra scrutiny.

In China, government officials plan to delve even further into citizens’ lives. As described here, authorities are working on a “social credit” system using smartphones and other media. It’s an attempt to police individual behavior, International Media Ministries’ Denise Godwin explains.

“If you miss a payment on a bill, there would be a sound that would emit from your phone; others around you would know you hadn’t paid something,” she describes as an example.

“Or, if you have been found out as a believer, or someone doing questionable social things…when someone calls you, they’ll hear a message that says, ‘Be careful in your dealings with this person; they’re under suspect situation in the social circuits of China.’”

The morality of tech and media

Government monitoring and data collection happen through technology and various “media” platforms. However, these mediums are simply channels; tech and media aren’t “bad” or “evil” in and of themselves.

“We are living in an age of brand new media tools [premiering] all the time, and they can be used for good and for bad,” Godwin agrees.

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SOURCE: Mission News Network, Katey Hearth