LifeWay Report Finds Many Christians Do Not Automatically Serve Others Despite the Bible’s Command to Do So

Many Christians admit to having difficulty in serving others despite being called to do so in the Bible, according to a new report by LifeWay Research.

For their 2019 Discipleship Pathway Assessment study, the Nashville, Tennessee-based LifeWay found that less than half of Protestant churchgoers surveyed said they intentionally give up certain purchases so they can use that money to help others.

According to LifeWay, 41 percent of respondents reported agreeing to give up certain purchases so they could use the money for other people. Thirty-two percent were neutral and 27 percent disagreed.

LifeWay noted that younger churchgoers were more likely to “strongly agree” to intentionally give up purchases, with 22 percent of churchgoers aged 18-34 saying they “strongly agree,” versus 18 percent for those aged 35-49, 12 percent of those aged 50-64, and 8 percent of those aged 65 and above.

Broken down racially, Hispanics were the most likely to “strongly agree” at 25 percent, versus 17 percent for African-Americans and 12 percent for Caucasians.

LifeWay also found that 62 percent of respondents agreed to intentionally trying to serve people outside of their church who have tangible needs, with 25 percent responding that they “strongly agree.”

Again, Hispanics were the group most likely to “strongly agree” at 38 percent, with African-Americans at 29 percent and Caucasians at 21 percent.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski