WATCH: Conservative Pundit Allie Stuckey Says People Angry Over Pastor David Platt Praying for President Trump ‘Have a Problem With God’

Christians upset about Pastor David Platt praying for President Trump need to get right with God, conservative pundit Allie Stuckey argued in her most recent episode of BlazeTV.

“I don’t see how if you are a Christian, who believes in the Bible, how you could have any beef with this whatsoever?” she asked bluntly. “The fact of the matter is there is no biblical reason to have any problem with it.”

“If you have a problem with this prayer, and you call yourself a Christian then you have a problem with the word of God. You don’t have a problem with David Platt or Donald Trump, you have a problem with the Word of God.”

Stuckey explained that having a problem with praying for the President, is not a problem with him, but in fact a problem with the Word of God.

“You have a problem with 1 Timothy 2:1-6,” she said. “That is your beef, I would take that up with God if I were you.”

Stuckey pointed out that if you are living in this state where praying for the president angers you, then you need to repent of your sins.

“I would say God, forgive me for not believing your word. Forgive me for not believing you, forgive me for not prioritizing the supremacy of Scripture, and change my heart. I am a sinner I am sinful for being angry over this.”

“If you are angry over this then you need to repent of this sin because you are living and pushing in opposition to the what the Word of God says.”

She added that she would be saying the same exact thing if someone was criticizing a pastor for praying over Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, or Pete Buttigieg.

“Any Republican, any conservative who calls themselves a Christian that has beef about that kind of prayer being prayed over a Democrat, I would be saying the same thing to you,” she said. “That your problem is with the word of God and has nothing to do with President Trump.”

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SOURCE: Faithwire, Lindsay Elizabeth