Samaritan’s Purse, Eight Days of Hope Rush to Help People in the Midwest Affected by Arkansas River Flooding

The swollen Arkansas River has devastated cities and neighborhoods in the Midwest but help is flooding affected communities, too.

Todd Taylor, U.S. disaster relief manager for Samaritan’s Purse, is currently on the ground in flood-ravaged Oklahoma and describes the difficulties of cleaning out homes.

“Some of these homes have water up in the attics,” he says. “It’s quite extensive work to get one of these homes cleaned up and ready for that homeowner to make repairs.”

Oklahoma’s flooding problems stemmed from the Arkansas River and its swollen waters that forced officials to release millions of gallons from the Keystone Dam north of Tulsa, USA Today reported.

Those flood waters have devastated Arkansas communities, too, and now Eight Days of Hope has announced it is taking its disaster relief efforts to Fort Smith, where flood waters have receded, next week.

Eight Days founder Steve Tybor announced the plans to American Family Radio on May 7, explaining that it was difficult to choose where to set up due to the devastation all around the Arkansas River.

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SOURCE: One News Now, Bill Bumpas