Dutch TV Pulls Christian Programming from Air after Palestinian Complains About It’s Pro-Israel Theme

One pro-Israel activist contends that a Dutch-based Christian television channel in the Netherlands is off the air because a cable provider pandered to the complaint of a Palestinian viewer who didn’t like its pro-Israel programming.

Proclaiming Justice to the Nations President Laurie Cardoza-Moore – who is also the producer of Focus on Israel, which is carried on 21 media partners around the world – recently pointed out that one of these partners, Family 7, a 24/7 Christian channel in the Netherlands, was removed by a service provider following a complaint about Focus on Israel.

“Somebody must have been flipping through the channels and found our show and decided to watch it that day,” Cardoza-Moore ventured. “And they called in to complain to the network provider – and that’s when they pulled the program.”

The conservative leader insists that two similar complaints in such a short period of time is not a circumstance

“So the team at Family 7 believes it was a Dutch Palestinian viewer who had come across the program and decided to take issue with it,” Cardoza-Moore added.

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SOURCE: One News Now, Chad Groening