WATCH: Canadian Preacher David Lynn Arrested for ‘Disturbing the Peace’ While Sharing the Gospel in Toronto’s ‘Gay Village’

A Canadian preacher was arrested on Tuesday and charged with disturbing the peace as he was met with opposition while sharing the gospel in a section of Toronto known as “the Gay Village.”

David Lynn of Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries had been on a preaching tour throughout Toronto, and says that he was not specifically targeting homosexuals when he began preaching at Church and Wellesley.

In video posted to social media, Lynn can be heard explaining that all men have sinned, whether heterosexual or homosexual, as all have violated the laws of God.

“Jesus died for the sinner. Did you know that every person is a sinner?” he preached into a microphone. “Every heterosexual has sinned. Every homosexual has sinned. And sin is when we violate the laws of God and we go contrary to the things of faith.”

Those nearby began to surround Lynn with the rainbow flag and other banners and block him from proceeding down the sidewalk as he walked. Some held signs with messages such as “Love is love” and “If your religion teaches you to hate, then you need a new religion.”

The crowd of opposition soon began to grow.

“I’m here to tell you today that you deserve respect. Every person is deserving of respect,” he said as an angry group gathered around him.

At one point, in the early part of the outreach, Lynn began to individually ask those standing in opposition, “Would you tolerate me as a Christian?” but none wanted to answer.

Police later addressed Lynn and told him that he could be arrested for causing a disturbance, and so he turned his microphone off and preached on the sidewalk with his bare voice.

“Jesus Christ is calling all people to Himself,” Lynn declared, but his words were drowned out by the shouts of the crowd.

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SOURCE: Christian News Network, Heather Clark