Televangelist James Robison Says His ‘Heart Was Broken’ Over Inside Edition’s ‘Attack’ on Prosperity Preacher Kenneth Copeland, and His Wife ‘Wept So Freely She Could Not Watch Till the End’

Televangelist James Robison, who is the founder and president of LIFE Outreach International, slammed a recent “Inside Edition” interview with Texas-based prosperity preacher Kenneth Copeland of Kenneth Copeland Ministries as an “attack” that left his wife in tears and broke his heart.

“My wife Betty saw Inside Edition’s attack on Kenneth Copeland before I did, and wept so freely she could not watch till the end,” Robison wrote in an op-ed for The Stream on Thursday.

“When I saw it my heart was broken, because I know Ken and Gloria, and so many of their precious staff and faithful supporters. Ken is one of the most generous, unselfish, giving individuals I know. He has never been comfortable talking to the media, and was caught off guard,” he said.

The interview, conducted by reporter Lisa Guerrero, questioned Copeland’s lavish lifestyle including his love of luxury jets. Copeland, whose estimated net worth is upward of $300 million, said he was a very wealthy man but his wealth did not come from just his ministry but natural gas on his property.

He also admitted to using his ministry’s three jets to fly to his vacation homes and challenged a running narrative that he believes people who travel on commercial flights are “demons.”

“No, I do not, and don’t you ever say I did,” he said intensely while wagging his finger at Guerrero.

“We wrestle not with flesh and blood but principalities and powers. It’s a biblical thing. It’s a spiritual thing. It doesn’t have anything to do with people. I love people. Jesus loves people. But people get pushed in alcohol. Do you think that’s a good place for a preacher to be and prepare to go preach to a lot of people when somebody in there is dragging some woman down an aisle by her hair?” he asked. “I can’t be doing that while I’m getting ready to preach.”

And Robison agrees with Copeland’s explanation.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair