‘They Put a Noose Around His Neck… That’s Really ****** Up’: Cops Release 911 Call Made by Jussie Smollett’s Friend From the Actor’s Chicago Apartment on the Night He Claims He was ‘Attacked’

Chicago Police on Wednesday released the 911 call made by Jussie Smollett’s friend on the night the Empire actor claimed he was jumped by assailants in January. During the call the friend tells police that Smollett was jumped as he left a Subway restaurant by assailants who ‘put a noose around his neck’. Panic can be heard in the caller’s voice as he said: ‘This is really f**ked up.’ The report was made about 40 minutes after Smollett returned to his apartment with the noose still around his neck. The friend said that Smollett didn’t want to file a police report and that he was forcing him to do it anyway. Pictured above inset is the rope used in the alleged attack and at bottom is the hot sauce bottle said to be containing bleach.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail