Tracy Morgan Is Taken to the Hospital After His New $2M Bugatti Veyron Is Side-Swiped on a Busy New York Street Just Three Days Shy of the Anniversary of His Fatal 2014 Horror Crash

Morgan seemed to escape the ordeal relatively unscathed, walking with and talking to attending officers

Comedian Tracy Morgan was involved in another car crash Tuesday afternoon after his new Bugatti supercar was side-swiped by a motorist in Manhattan, causing him to be driven away from the scene in an ambulance.

The nasty incident occurred just three days shy of the five year anniversary of Morgan’s fatal 2014 horror smash, when a sleep-deprived driver of a Walmart truck collided with his chauffeured limousine, killing his friend and leaving the now 50-year-old profoundly injured.

The driver of a Honda CR-V with New Jersey license plates reportedly attempted to make a left turn from the right-hand lane on 10th Avenue and 57th street at 1:30pm, scraping into the left-side of Morgan’s 2012 Bugatti Veyron.

According to witnesses, Morgan remarked at the scene how he had just paid $2 million for the white convertible at Manhattan Motorcars.

TMZ reported that he’d driven it out of the lot for the first time just 15 minutes earlier.

Following the collision, Morgan complained to attending paramedics of a pain in his hip. He was then escorted into the back of an ambulance and whisked away to a nearby hospital.

An update on Morgan’s condition is not immediately available, but video from the scene shows Morgan noticeably shaken-up but communicating with police, paramedics and the driver of the Honda.

The ’30 Rock’ star’s carbon fibre Bugatti suffered a number of bumps and scrapes but no significant damage, as determined from pictures at the scene.

Any lasting imperfections are likely to cost Morgan a hefty bounty.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail