Pastor Scottie White Urges North Carolina Churches to Take Action After Recent Violence

Shell casings and crime scene tape have become too common in the City of Winston-Salem for Bishop Scottie White.

“I never would’ve thought that something of that capacity would happen here,” White said.

And he never thought it would happen to his own.

His grandson Jalen Cockerham was one of two people shot and killed on May 18 in a shooting on Cody Drive.

He leaves behind 2 children.

“Enough is enough,” White said. “If we can save a family from going through what we went through we’ve accomplished something.”

His plan starts with opening the doors of his church, Abba Fathers Ministries on Brownsboro Road.

“We’re always going to have to deal with death but we’re going to have to do something. They don’t have to die like they’re dying now,” White said.

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SOURCE: Fox8, Theo Dorsey