Karl Vaters: Character Is Also What You Do When Things Go Easy and Everyone Is Watching

Image: Marco Bianchetti | Unsplash

They say you reveal your character, not when things are going well, but when the chips are down.

Not when everyone’s watching, but when no one sees what you do.

That’s true.

But it’s only part of the truth.

A Reversal Of Character

Some people seem to have the character to step up and do the right things when life gets hard and the need becomes severe. But when things are going well? They relax, not just emotionally, but morally and ethically.

It’s the same with those in the public eye. Some hold a moral face to the world, while behaving abominably in private. Others seem to revel in public character traits that are, at best questionable, and sometimes outright sinful – all while behaving honorably in their relationships and personal habits.

None of this is universal, thankfully. There have always been people who behave with integrity in private and in public, when things are easy and when they’re hard.

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Source: Christianity Today