The World’s Longest Bible, Drawn in 3,333 Paintings, Displayed on the National Mall

There was no ‘separation of church and state’ on the National Mall in Washington, DC this past weekend. The entire Bible was on display.

But it wasn’t just words on pages. It was every single part of the Bible, illustrated by a professional painter, and then all those paintings lined up next to each other, all the way around the Reflecting Pool between the Lincoln Memorial and the World War II Memorial.

More than 400 volunteers each held up a few yards of the mile-long creation of German painter Willy Wiedmann.

“It’s the world’s longest Bible, arguably the world’s longest illustrated book. And this is a chance for us to show it off to the District and to the nation,” Ken McKenzie, Museum of the Bible CEO, told CBN News. “3,333 panels—that is the entire Bible from the beginning to the end.”

Wiedmann put many years of his life into this project, and McKenzie said he was excited to see Wiedmann’s work completely displayed for the first time ever in America.

A Bible for Those Who Can’t Read?

“He believed that about a third of the world’s population either couldn’t read or couldn’t learn through words. They had to learn pictorially,” McKenzie explained. “And that was his motivation to spend 16 years of his life to create this amazing Bible.”

Wiedmann’s son Martin came all the way from Germany for the display and to represent his father’s vision.

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SOURCE: CBN News, Paul Strand