Suspended Radio Golf Commentator Hank Haney Blasts Tiger Woods Saying It’s “Amazing How After 15 Major Titles Tiger Woods Now Has Become the Moral Authority on Issues Pertaining to Women”

Hank Haney forced his way into the golf news cycle with controversial comments last week regarding the U.S. Women’s Open. He was suspended from his SiriusXM PGA Tour radio show for those comments — showing an indifference to women’s golf and mocking the fact that many top players are Korean.

Now, after doubling down on his initial comments, Haney is going after his former student: Tiger Woods.

Woods was asked last week at The Memorial about his former coach and offered some scathing remarks.

“He deserved it,” Woods said. “Just can’t look at life like that. And he obviously said what he meant, and he got what he deserved.”

Tuesday afternoon, Haney responded to Woods’ comments with a tweet:

“Amazing how @tigerwoods now has become the moral authority on issues pertaining to women. I spent 6 great years coaching Tiger, and not one time did he ever hear me utter one sexist or racist word. Now, in addition to being a 15 time major champion, I guess he thinks he’s also a mind reader? #glasshouses”

It’s no secret that Woods’ and Haney’s relationship was fractured beyond repair in 2012, when Haney published “The Big Miss,” a tell-all book about his years coaching Woods that included plenty of gossipy details.

SOURCE: USA Today, Dan Kilbridge – Golfweek