Spurgeon College Implements Changes to Its Fusion Program

With the culmination of the Fusion: International spring semester global missions phase, changes to the program are underway at Spurgeon College, the undergraduate arm of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Mo.

On May 17, 59 Fusion students who had returned to campus celebrated with family, friends and the Midwestern Seminary community during the annual commitment ceremony after their nearly five-month overseas missions in locations like North Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, West Africa, Southeast Asia and Central Asia.

Wearing the traditional garb of the countries where they served alongside International Mission Board missionaries during spring semester, each cohort of four or five students and their group leaders were awarded Bibles as they committed to live out Great Commission values learned over the past year through Fusion.

As one version of the Fusion program ended, a new-look era of the program began.

Midwestern President Jason Allen noted key changes “that we feel will be effective and beneficial to everyone involved well into the future.”

The most significant changes entail implementation of Fusion: North America; a shift to summer-long deployments; and bidding farewell to the program’s executive director, Scott Brawner.

Fusion: North America, which officially launched in January, will consist of students spending time during their first year at Spurgeon College living within the context of a cohort (groups of four to five students) intentionally preparing for a summer of service alongside a NAMB church planter.

Cohorts will participate in evangelism and Bible-centered life-on-life discipling, beginning with the training phase specifically tailored toward evangelistic ministry in North American contexts during the college’s academic year and continuing through the summer project of approximately 10 weeks.

The first group of five students departed for Chicago and Clarkston, Ga., on May 18 to begin their missions phase. They will return in August to Midwestern’s campus.

Fusion: International, meanwhile, will be similar to Fusion: North America with students training throughout the academic year and deploying alongside IMB missionaries during the summer months. Previously, the cohorts trained for a semester on campus during the fall before deploying overseas for the spring semester.

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Source: Baptist Press