Many Christian Refugees Denied Asylum in Sweden After Failing Difficult Theological Quiz

A number of Christian refugees have been denied asylum in Sweden after failing a difficult theology-based quiz which is administered by immigration authorities in order to determine the authenticity of their faith.

Tragically, without asylum into the western nation, the refugees will be left at grave risk of persecution upon returning to their home countries.

A damning new report from a Swedish Christian evangelical organization discovered that out of some 619 asylum cases involving Christian converts from Afghanistan, an astonishing 70 percent were rejected because the authorities deemed their declaration of faith to be phony.

Unbelievably, the only reason these desperate individuals are being rejected is because they failed an unnecessarily difficult theological test.

“A theology student may have to take another test if he or she fails,” Jacob Rudenstrand, deputy general secretary of the Swedish Evangelical Alliance, wrote at the Stream. “But if the asylum seeker fails the test, he or she will be deported to a country where he or she may be killed.”

Rudenstrand noted that the test contained questions which “not even experienced pastors have been able to answer.” Questions that regularly pop up in the test include: “Do you know what the Trinity is?” “What sacraments exist in Christianity?” “What other traditions apart from Protestantism exist in Christianity?” and “How many disciples did Jesus have?”

And with these difficult queries, the lives of Christian refugees hang in the balance.

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Source: Christian Headlines