It’s a Shame That a Christian Pastor is Forced to Explain Why He Prayed for the President of the United States

The pastor who prayed for President Trump this weekend during his impromptu visit to McLean Bible Church in McLean, Va., has issued a lengthy, apologetic statement clarifying why he did what he did.

Just in case you were wondering how broken and hyper-political we have become as a society.

“I know that some within our church, for a variety of valid reasons, are hurt that I made this decision. This weighs heavy on my heart. I love every member of this church, and I only want to lead us with God’s Word in a way that transcends political party and position, heals the hurts of racial division and injustice, and honors every man and woman made in the image of God,” writes Pastor David Platt.

Trump stopped at McLean Bible Church Sunday morning to “visit with the pastor and pray for the victims and community” of Virginia Beach, which just suffered a mass shooting event, according to a White House representative.

Platt’s nearly 900-word long clarification this week adds, “So while I am thankful that we had an opportunity to obey 1 Timothy 2 in a unique way today, I don’t want to purposely ever do anything that undermines the unity we have in Christ.”

I disagree slightly with those who have characterized Platt’s statement as an apology. It is not quite that, though it certainly contains a great deal of sheepish throat-clearing and excuse-making. But whether this is technically an apology or not is not the point.

The point is that it’s insane a Christian leader felt compelled to explain his decision to pray for another human.

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SOURCE: The Washington Examiner, Becket Adams