Gallup Polls Shows 50% of Americans Say Abortion Is ‘Morally Wrong’, the Highest Level in 7 Years

The percentage of Americans who believe abortion is “morally wrong” is the highest it’s been in seven years, according to Gallup’s annual Values and Beliefs survey.

A full 50 percent of adults say abortion is morally wrong while 42 percent say it’s morally acceptable, according to the poll of 1,009 adults conducted May 1-12.

It’s the highest percentage of Americans to have considered abortion wrong since 2012 when 51 percent thought so. The percentage of adults who say it’s acceptable is the lowest since 2014 when it also was 42 percent.

Not surprisingly, there is an ideological divide. Twenty-three percent of conservatives but 73 percent of liberals believe abortion is morally acceptable.

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Source: Christian Headlines