WATCH: Virginia Beach Shooting Survivor Recalls Coming Face-to-Face Three Times With Gunman and Being Spared Each Time

A Virginia Beach city worker was confronted by gunman DeWayne Craddock three heart-stopping times during the workplace slaughter — but was spared each time.

Ned Carlstrom said he assumed it was an active-shooter drill when he first came face to face with his co-worker carrying an “obnoxious-looking gun” during Craddock’s slaughter of 12 people on Friday.

“He had the gun down at his side. He was so close to me, he swung his arm out, he damn near hit me with the gun. That’s how close we were,” Carlstrom recalled Sunday of their first encounter in a stairwell.

“But he never raised the gun at me. He looked up at me briefly.”

Carlstrom, who works in the billing section of the city water department, still assumed civil engineer Craddock, 40, was acting out a drill for the municipal building.

“By the way he walked past me, he barely gave me a glance and never broke stride,” he said. “I either thought he was playing the part of the bad guy or playing the part of someone pursuing a bad guy.”

Five minutes into the massacre, the killer walked into a room Carlstrom was in — sparing him and his colleague Terry Inman, who had yelled, “DeWayne, stop!”

“He turned and looked straight at me, but he didn’t see me,” recalled account clerk Inman, 61. “He looked straight in my face and he did not see me standing there because he didn’t raise the gun.

“To me, that was the Holy Spirit inflecting something on that man to the point where he didn’t see Terry Inman standing there.”

Carlstrom, of Chesapeake, dodged death a third time when Craddock came right up to the window of an office he was hiding in a little while later.

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SOURCE: New York Post, Lee Brown