WATCH: NASA Astronaut Films Incredible Time-Lapse of What Earth Looks Like from the International Space Station

Here on Earth, we see the sun rise and set once in any given 24-hour period. If you want to see the sunrise or sunset you need to set your watch so you don’t miss it, or you’ll be left waiting another day for the opportunity. Things are a whole lot different on the International Space Station.

Travelers spending time aboard the orbiting laboratory don’t just have to deal with the lack of gravity and somewhat cramped quarters, they also have to wrestle with the fact that normal “days” don’t really exist when you’re speeding around the Earth over a dozen times per day. Astronaut Nick Hague, who is on board the ISS, decided to use that to his advantage and filmed a gorgeous time-lapse of Earth from the eyes of an ISS resident.

“This time-lapse video taken by NASA astronaut Nick Hague squeezes a 30-minute International Space Station trip over a cloudy Earth into 60 seconds, covering the Pacific to the Atlantic,” NASA explains.

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SOURCE: BGR, Mike Wehner