Ryan Keith Cox, Pastor’s Son and Hero Account Clerk, Died While Trying to Save Colleagues During Virginia Beach Massacre

A hero account clerk died in the Virginia Beach massacre after leaving a safe spot to try to save his work friends, it emerged Sunday.

Pastor’s son Ryan Keith Cox, 50, was with nine city staffers who reached a safe room as shots rang out in the municipal building on Friday, according to NPR.

As the group started using a heavy cabinet to barricade themselves in, Cox left in the hopes of saving others.

“He said, ‘Stay here, stay quiet,’ ” close friend Christi Dewar, 60, told the station.

“I said, ‘Come on,’ and he said, ‘I have to go check on the other ones.’”

Their refuge soon came under fire — and Cox, outside and defenseless, became one of the 12 slaughtered while all those inside the break room survived.

“Two bullets almost came through the back of the cabinet,” Dewar recalled.

“We fell to the ground, then we heard other shots close to us.

“That’s when he got Keith,” Dewar told NPR while choking up.

She recalled a cop warning her “not look down” when she was finally led out of the building.

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SOURCE: New York Post, Lee Brown