WATCH: Kirk Franklin on Why He ‘Prefers’ Being a ‘Flawed’ Christian in the Public Eye and How Church Leaders Are Like Cold Fries

Gospel icon Kirk Franklin is known for speaking candidly about his many imperfections, so it’s no surprise that during a recent chat with EBONY, he opened up the challenges of being a public figure struggling with personal demons.

He also weighed in on folks who are in awe of prominent church leaders who have come under fire for their controversial behavior.

“I think the best example I can say is everybody has had cold fries once in their lives from McDonald’s and it didn’t stop them from going back,” Kirk said.

He added, “But like you still go back after that cold french fry, keep going back because it’s a hospital full of patients and everybody’s got some type of sickness and all of us need the doctor.”

When it comes to his own flaws, Franklin said, “I prefer being flawed and I prefer being seen flawed. I celebrate my weaknesses.”

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SOURCE: EUR Web, Ny Magee