WATCH: Niles, Illinois, Campus of Harvest Bible Chapel to Become Fully Independent from Megachurch

From left, Harvest Bible Chapel elder Brian Laird, campus pastor Mohan Zachariah, lead ministry pastor Greg Bradshaw, and elder Al Miranda announce the intention of the Niles campus to become an independent congregation as Harvest Bible Chapel’s Niles campus hosted a “family meeting” Thursday. Patrick Kunzer | Staff Photographer

The Niles, Illinois, location of Harvest Bible Church is becoming a fully independent congregation, transitioning away from the multi-campus megachurch in the Chicago area following a unanimous elders vote.

In a video posted to the Harvest Bible Chapel Channel Thursday, Greg Bradshaw, lead ministry pastor at HBC, announced that they were sending out the Niles campus to become its own entity. Discussions of this sort have been underway since February, he noted.

“The intent was always that the Niles campus would become an independent church,” said Mohan Zachariah, campus pastor for the Niles church, explained.

“This is not a church split in any sense of the word. It’s a multiplication of ministry.

“Much like we have seen happen with the hundreds of churches that have been birthed from this one, we’re still a family and anyone in our congregation will always be welcome at any of our other campuses.”

Brian Laird, chairman of the HBC elders, noted that they reached the decision for several reasons, including HBC’s passion for church planting.

The Niles location has a long history dating back to 1871, including denominational and leadership transitions, which ultimately led to partnership with HBC in the early 2000s as it agreed to operate as an extension campus.

“We believe this is going to be a financial provision for Harvest Bible Chapel,” Bradshaw explained.

“The goal of this new independent church is going to be for them to purchase the property and the building from our church, from Harvest. And this will include the new church raising funds for a down payment and then acquiring a mortgage from a lender.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter