New “Sesame Street” Character Explains Why Fostering is Important

Karli on “Sesame Street,” 2019. | Youtube/screenshot

“Sesame Street” announced last week a new character named Karli, a foster muppet who explains to Elmo the importance of receiving love from others when not able to be cared for by their birth parents.

The PBS show character lives with her “for now” parents, Dalia and Clem, and during an activity with Elmo she attempted to explain to him what it’s like having a foster family.

“My very first heart is me and my mom together but my mom can’t be with me right now even though she loves me very much,” Karli told Elmo.

“But then I came here to stay with my foster parents and they gave me a big hug and that made my heart feel a little bigger.”

The muppet then shared some advice she learned from her “now” family.

“Dalia told me that even when our hearts feel sad and small they could still grow. The more in love they get the more they grow,” she added.

YouTube videos promoting Karli’s character also showed Elmo’s dad, Louie, talking with Karli’s foster parents.

“How’s everything been since becoming her foster parents?” Louie asks in the video.

“Well, changes like this can be really rough for kids and for adults too,” Clem replies.

“It’s had its ups and downs but no matter what, we try to let Karli know we are always here for her,” Dalia says.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law