Barna Report Finds More Millennial Non-Christians Are ‘Twice as Likely to Express Personal Interest in Christianity’ Than Older Non-Christians

Millennial-aged Americans who identify as non-Christian display more interest in spiritual issues than non-Christians from older generations, according to a Barna Group research report.

In a sample of the research released Tuesday, Barna found that 70% of non-Christian millennials reported having at least one conversation about their religious beliefs with a close friend or family member. By contrast, 52% of older non-Christians said the same.

Barna also found that 64% of millennial non-Christians reported having one or more conversations about their beliefs with a Christian, versus 44% for older non-Christians.

“Millennial non-Christians are much more likely to have had one or more conversations about faith than their older counterparts and are twice as likely to express personal interest in Christianity (26% vs. 16%),” explained Barna.

“They’ve also had much more personal experience with all kinds of evangelistic methods than older non-Christians, including through tracts (45% vs. 26%) or encounters with a person either at church (35% vs. 19%) or on the street (30% vs. 16%).”

The findings were part of a larger report titled Reviving Evangelism, which drew its findings from studies of American adults from last year.

One survey included a sample space of 992 respondents who identified as Christian. The other was of 1,001 adults who were not practicing Christians. Both studies had a margin of error of ±3 percent.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski