Central Carolina Presbytery Committee Says Revoice Conference is Not a ‘Safe Guide in Helping Christians Navigate Questions of Gender and Sexuality’

A regional body of the Presbyterian Church in America is denouncing the Revoice Conference, which is a gathering of LGBT Christians who seek to adhere to biblical standards of sexual ethics, as not a “safe guide” on issues of gender and sex.

The Central Carolina Presbytery formed a committee last November to investigate the theological merits of the inaugural Revoice Conference, held July 2018 at the Memorial Presbyterian Church of St. Louis, Missouri, a PCA congregation.

The 16-page report, posted Tuesday on The Gospel Coalition’s website by PCA Pastor Kevin DeYoung, expressed concerns that “some of the principal voices in Revoice have not been careful enough with their labels, their theology, and their relational advice.”

“Consequently, at present we do not feel Revoice is a safe guide in helping Christians navigate questions of gender and sexuality,” stated the report.

In evaluating the Revoice speakers, the report noted that a key disagreement between them and the conference was whether same-sex attraction only becomes sinful when acted upon.

“The answer to that question will profoundly shape our pastoral care, our advice for the same-sex attracted, our language, our prayers, and the labels we use,” the report explained.

“Most of our disagreements with Revoice start with the theological conviction that the desire for an illicit end is itself an illicit desire.”

The Presbytery committee’s report did commend Revoice for adhering to “biblical marriage” and “for their desire to help sexual strugglers stay rooted in Christ and in historic orthodoxy.”

“While we disagree with important aspects of what was said and assumed at the Revoice Conference, in so far as the movement acts as a reminder for all of us to be welcoming, sympathetic, and hospitable, there are valuable things we can learn and necessary lessons to be appropriated,” continued the report.

“The same-sex attracted among us need what all of us need, and what can only be found in the church: the redeeming power of gospel truth and the transformational love of gospel people.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski