Archbishop of Mosul Insists Christianity in Iraq ‘Will Not and Will Never Die’

The Archbishop of Mosul has insisted Christianity in Iraq “will not and will never die”, as he spoke to Euronews about the difficulties the religious minority in the country are facing.

After the defeat of so-called Islamic State (ISIS) in Mosul dozens of Iraqi Christian families — who fled their country amid the violence a few years ago — are returning.

But not to their destroyed homes in Mosul.

Najib Mikhael Moussa, who was appointed Archbishop of Mosul by Pope Francis last year, said there is an international responsibility to protect minorities in the region.

Moussa has spent years preserving Iraq’s Christian heritage and escaped to Iraqi Kurdistan with many priceless manuscripts as ISIS militants swept the north of the country.

In Lyon, Najib Mikhael Moussa met with Euronews, where he expounded the importance of peace and understanding between different faiths and cultures.

“There is an international responsibility to save those minorities, and protect them from being persecuted,” he said.

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SOURCE: Euro News, Sami Fradi