Michael Brown: The Weapons of ‘Progressive’ Christians Are to Misrepresent and Demonize the Truth

Recently, I encouraged Christian parents in California who had children in public schools to defy the law and pull their kids from the state’s extreme sex-ed curriculum. How did the Friendly Atheist’s resident Episcopalian blogger respond?

According to Sarahbeth Caplin, I want these parents to teach “their kids that transgender people don’t exist.” (Yes, she actually wrote this.)

In sum, “This is just faith-based, hate-fueled fear-mongering. It’s the only subject in which Michael Brown is an expert.”

What a sad commentary on the nature of liberal illogic. And what a misrepresentation of the facts.

If you missed my initial article, you might want to take a minute to read it now, checking the links as well.

After that, please do read Caplin’s article.

Then, do what I did after reading her article, namely, scratch your head and wonder, “What is she thinking?”

My article says absolutely nothing about the existence or non-existence of people who identify as transgender.

Instead, it protests the idea that kindergarten children should be told that perhaps they’re actually boys in girls’ bodies (or the reverse, or some other option).

That is unwarranted, unscientific, and unwise, and the school has no business introducing such subjects to impressionable little children who don’t even understand the differences between the sexes.

Yet for arguing that our kids should be protected, I’m a hater. (You are too, if you agree with me.)

And what does Caplin say about the links I provided detailing the terrible harm that is coming to children who wrongly believe they are transgender?

Not a syllable. Nothing. Nada.

Where is the Christian compassion? Where is the concern?

Really, it feels as if the hatred for a Christian conservative position is so intense that it blinds those who oppose our views.

Caplin, for her, is concerned about LGBT kids being bullied in schools, and I share her concern.

But bullying is hardly limited to LGBT-identified kids. In fact, Christian kids are often bullied in today’s anti-faith environment.

Either way, regardless of who is being bullied, the solution is not to introduce a radical sex-ed curriculum.

Instead, it is to teach that all bullying is bad. That every child should be treated with kindness and respect. Period.

What’s so hard about that?

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Brown