Texas Senate Passes Bill Allowing People to Carry Guns for a Week After Natural Disasters to Deter Looting

The Texas Senate has passed a bill that allows gun-owning Texans to have both open- and concealed-carry handguns during the week after a natural disaster in a bid to deter looters.

House bill 1177, which must pass the House and be signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott, narrowly passed the state Senate 16 to 15.

Current law in Texas does not permit gun owners without a license to carry to carry a handgun openly or concealed, but permits the open carry of long-arm guns like the AR-15.

The bill aims to deter looting and was supported by the National Rifle Association, who claimed it “would offer temporary protection to honest Texans whose licenses are lost or damaged due to flood, wind or fire, and to those who don’t have a license because they never envisioned a need to transport or carry their handguns outside the home”.

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SOURCE: Victoria Gagliardo-Silver
The Independent