Ramsay Walker, One of the World’s Most Prolific Christian Home-Building Volunteers, Passes Away

It takes an extraordinary person to say they’ve helped hand-build homes in 10 countries. Ramsay Walker was one such person. While Ramsay’s life may not have received global attention, his global actions helped house hundreds of people around the world.

An Inspiring Leader of Global Builder Trips

Ramsay’s wife, Bootsaba, almost always accompanied him during his affordable housing building endeavors. They were frequent participants and trip leaders of the Fuller Center Global Builders, a non-profit ecumenical Christian housing ministry committed to eradicating poverty across the world.

Leading a Global Builder trip isn’t easy. Besides building homes, leaders also have to think about the residents’ future on the property, and ensure they don’t have to deal with water damage, and other maintenance issues. Still, even while working in hot or humid countries, Ramsay had a genial spirit that effortlessly prompted volunteers to follow him and ushered in a “quiet sense of calm,” according to Fuller Center President David Snell.

A Humanitarian at Home and Abroad

Ramsay put his services to use in the United States in addition to countries abroad. He participated in six Millard Fuller Legacy Builds, also organized by The Fuller Center Global Builders, that helps rebuild tornado-torn areas in the U.S. He also volunteered for Habitat for Humanity — another non-profit ecumenical Christian house-building organization.

Worldwide, though, Ramsay helped build homes in Nepal, Armenia, Haiti, Sri Lanka, Peru, India, South Africa, Bolivia, and Thailand. It was actually in the last country where Ramsay met his wife. The two even built a Fuller Center covenant partner in Bootsaba’s hometown of Lampang, Thailand just a few years ago.

According to The Fuller Center, Ramsay suffered a major stroke while working in Thailand earlier in 2019. The complications from the stroke lead to his death over the weekend in a Colorado hospice facility. Family and friends surrounded Ramsay during his passing, and he died peacefully.

“Ramsay was one of the most dedicated volunteers to our mission of anyone we’ve ever met,” said Vice President of International Programs Ryan Iafigliola. “Not only will all of us who knew him miss him personally, but he was a special man and will be missed greatly by volunteers and  Fuller Centers around the world.”

While Ramsay will be missed among The Fuller Center and other Christian non-profit housing organizations, his legacy will be remembered in the houses he built, according to Fuller Center Vice President of Communications Chris Johnson, who went on a Global Builders trip to Nicaragua that included the Walkers.