Have a Day Off? Try Doing Nothing (It Can Make You More Creative and Productive Over Time)

Have the day off? Try doing nothing.

Doing nothing — ironically — can be a great way to make yourself more creative and productive over time, according to New York Times Smarter Living editor Tim Herrera.

“There’s a lot of studies that show that building laziness and building idle time into you schedule and into your regular routine can actually in this weird roundabout way make you more productive,” Herrera told “CBS This Morning” Monday. “Letting your brain be kind of lazy and wander and just kind of going off into whatever daydreams you have can actually make us more creative, can make us better problem solvers — can actually help us have better and more creative ideas in the long run.”

More important than doing nothing, Herrera said, is the idea that you give yourself permission to take the day off. Studies show that Americans only send about 40% fewer emails on holiday Mondays compared to regular Mondays.

“We need to be OK with accepting the day for what it is — which is a day off. Don’t need to check your email, don’t need to be responding. The world is not going to end if you’re not on your phones the whole day,” Herrera said.

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