16 Elementary School Girls Injured in Mass Stabbing Attack Near Tokyo, Japan; 2 People Dead

Police say one child is dead and 17 others are injured following a mass stabbing near Tokyo. They say the alleged attacker has also died of self-inflicted wounds.

The incident took place on a road near a park in Kawasaki City on Tuesday morning.

Police earlier said 18 people were injured, including 16 elementary schoolgirls.

They said a man thought to be in his 30s and a girl were without vital signs, and that three others were seriously injured.

Police later confirmed that one of the schoolgirls had died.

Investigators detained a man thought to be responsible. He had stabbed himself in the neck and was later confirmed dead.

Police say the man is believed to be a resident of Kawasaki in his 50s. They say he was seen holding knives in each hand during the attack.

Two knives have been reportedly found at the scene.

A local resident said he saw three adults lying in the parking lot of a convenience store. He said one had been stabbed in the neck, and all three were receiving emergency care.

The resident said there’s a bus stop nearby that’s used by many elementary schoolchildren. He said he is shocked by the incident as the place is normally quiet.