WATCH: Pastor James MacDonald Posts Video With Former Son-in-Law That He Has Been Accused of Trying to Kill

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Harvest Bible Chapel founder James MacDonald shot back at recent allegations he tried to hire a hitman to kill his former son-in-law, Tony Groves Jr., with an excerpt from Psalm 37 and a video in which he declares to Groves, ‘I’ve always loved you.”

In an Instagram post on Thursday morning, the two men appeared together smiling before Groves starts off the lighthearted talk.

“What’s up James,” Groves says.

“Hey man,” the HBC founder replies.

“A lot’s been going on hasn’t it?”

“Sorry about everything.”

“Don’t think nothing of it.”

“OK. Well, you know, we’ve been through some things and we’ve always stayed friends and I’ve always loved you. Tell you what. One of the best grandson’s we have. Because you and me, we’re always gonna love you for that,” James adds.

“Like you said, we’ve always been friends but overall, family,” Groves responds, pointing his finger.

James ended the video by declaring “amen and I’m glad you’re part of my family.”

Emmanuel “Manny” Bucur, a deacon at HBC and former confidant and volunteer bodyguard for MacDonald, alleged in a recent report that nearly four years ago, in 2015, MacDonald asked him to kill Groves, and offered to help dispose of his body. He argued that he did not report MacDonald because he was angry about his daughter, Abby, allegedly being hurt by what a police report suggests involves a sex tape possibly being posted online.

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Source: Christian Post