Karl Vaters on What’s Wrong With the Church Today: Nothing That Hasn’t Been Wrong Every Other Day

Image: Giles Watson |Flickr

There’s a lot that’s wrong with the church today.

Over and over, I see similar complaints:

  • “The church today is compromised!”
  • “The modern church is about entertainment!”
  • “The contemporary church is more about personalities than about Jesus!”
  • “Today’s preachers just say what people want to hear!”
  • “Did you see the expensive sneakers on that pastor?!”

I don’t disagree that there’s a whole lot of mess going on. But one of the fastest ways to get me to stop listening is to complain about “the church today.”


Because it betrays a serious lack of understanding about church history.

No Perfect Churches – Ever

Yes, the church today is compromised, shallow, legalistic, petty and unforgiving. But no more than it’s been in every era.

Including the over-idealized church of your childhood and of the first century.

There has never been a perfect church.

Never a church without compromise. Never a church without shallow, toxic people, self-serving preachers, you name it.

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Source: Christianity Today