Horizons International’s School of Hope is Giving Education and Sharing the Love of Christ with Refugee Children in Lebanon

Horizons International’s School of Hope is educating and positively influencing refugee children in Lebanon. It started as a class of 20 Christian refugee kids from Muslim backgrounds who were in dire need of an education.

Horizons International’s Pierre Houssney says God worked through the ministry center where the program is based to start drawing Muslims to Himself. In 2014, the center saw more than 400 Muslims embrace faith in Jesus.

“One of the byproducts of that was you have a lot of brand new Christian homes that are in a community together,” Houssney says. “In those homes, you have a lot of kids that don’t really know who they are because they come from Muslim backgrounds, but their parents are now believers in Christ.”

A School is Born

Through the curriculum, Horizons International had the opportunity to disciple kids and introduce them to Jesus. As Horizons International discipled these children, they saw a need for education.

“We were at a position where we had a lot of kids who had accepted the Gospel already or were in families that had members that had accepted the Gospel, but they had no school to go to,” Houssney says.

“So we just came in at that level of their need, and we brought together some believing Syrian people who had educational experience. We started a school with our first class of 20 kids in March 2015.”

Since the inception of the school, the student body has grown to 120 students and more grade levels have been added to accommodate children as they grow older. Now, Horizons International hopes to add fifth-grade to continue educating students.

Houssney explains School of Hope is not a licensed school, but it is aimed to teach children so they can enter educational programs when they return to Syria or travel abroad. They cover everything — from basic skills like cutting a piece of paper with scissors to more advanced skills such as reading, writing, and solving math problems.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Lindsay Steele