Four More Women Accuse Popular Self-Help Guru Tony Robbins of Sexual Misconduct

Four more women have accused self-help guru Tony Robbins of sexual misconduct. Kimberly Stokes, Robbins’ live-in assistant in the late ’80s, told BuzzFeed News that Robbins once walked into her bathroom while she was showering and “dropped” his towel, exposing himself. Sophiah Koikas and Mary Lantz both described instances in which Robbins allegedly touched them inappropriately in the early ’90s—with Koikas claiming the guru grabbed her left breast and placed her hand against his penis during a “multiweek seminar in Hawaii.” Koikas also said one of the guru’s male associates told her Robbins thought she was “cute” and asked if she would like to “know him and meet him[.]” Koikas said she declined. Lantz told the website Robbins said she was “driving [him] crazy” and touched the side of her breast during a Cleveland seminar.

The fourth woman, Lucie Galvez, told the website that she interviewed to be Robbins’ personal assistant in the early 2000s and said the questions he asked her were “sexually inappropriate” and “almost predatory.” Galvez recalled Robbins asking her how she felt about “nudity,” claiming that he and his partner might be “in the nude” at his home while sleeping, showering, or getting massages. Galvez said she was offered the job, but she turned it down due to the uncomfortable interview. In a statement, Robbins said he “absolutely” denied each of the allegations.


SOURCE: The Daily Beast – Julia Arciga