Louisiana Church’s Easter Baptisms Show a Bridge Between First Christians and Today’s Believers

Pastor Lane Corley (left) baptized his brother-in-law Will Phillips, April 21. Phillips was one of five people baptized at the Bridge Church in Madisonville. This was the first time the church has held a baptism service on Easter.

“We know the early church often would baptize on Resurrection Day, so we were able to celebrate like the early church did more than 2,000 years ago,” Pastor Lane Corley told the Baptist Message, in explaining the public testimony element of five baptisms celebrated on Easter at the Bridge Church.

“A lot of families come to church anyway that day, including a good number who don’t regularly attend services, and it presented the perfect chance to share with them the theme of new life and transformation that is possible through Christ,” said Corley, who also serves as a church planting strategist for Louisiana Baptists.

Corley said his congregation has held multiple baptism services each year since the church was founded in 2009, but that this was the first time they had done so on Easter Sunday. Dawn Black was among those who stirred the baptistery waters this Easter.

She had professed her faith in Christ as a youngster, but did not understand the importance of obedience represented by baptism.

As she grew older, her desire to attend worship services at a local church waned. However, her sister, Kallie, invited her to attend Bridge Church in late 2018, and within months Black became passionate about her faith and wanted to be baptized.

“Since coming here, I have seen a different side of people,” she said. “When you walk into Bridge Church there is no judgment, only care and love. I can’t wait to get up on Sundays and come to a place where Christ is real.”

The catalyst for the Easter baptisms came from a focus on prayer and multiple evangelistic outreaches in the weeks leading up to the holiday.

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Source: Baptist Press