Why Louie Giglio Believes Millennials and Generation Z Are Some of Today’s Most Effective Evangelists

Louie Giglio, founding pastor of Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia, said he believes millennials and Generation Z are some of today’s most effective evangelists because they are cause-driven and have a high sense of social responsibility.

“I’ve always had a burden for the ‘university moment,’” Giglio told The Christian Post. “I believe that God has a purpose and plan for 18- to 25-year-olds, from millennials to Generation Z. I think they get unfairly painted with a broad stroke when they’re actually a generation God cares deeply about. They want to be led and believed in, and they’re one of the most cause-driven generations I’ve encountered.”

Giglio is the founder of the Passion movement, a gathering of young people that has been going on yearly since 1997. He shared how, in past years, Passion students have raised $8.3 million to fight modern-day slavery through Passion and the END IT Movement.

This year, students raised $448,370 for the Deaf Bible Society as part of Hope in Every Language, a campaign that helps fund and distributes translations of the stories of Jesus into the sign languages of areas that haven’t been reached.

“These are poor students who are scrounging for ramen noodles,” Giglio said. “They don’t have any money, yet they’re giving what little they have to causes that mean something to them, and that makes them some of today’s greatest evangelists. Passion believes in this age group because God has believed in them.”

Giglio shared how his heart for the next generation began when he started graduate school at Baylor University several decades ago.

“I saw so many people at the crossroads of life, where they would come to a college campus and be away from their support system and the church they grew up in and suddenly had all of this freedom,” he said. “I saw so many people putting their faith on hold and not coming back to it until they were 40 and on their second divorce.”

“But 18, 19, 20-year-olds need to see the risen Jesus right here, and right now,” he continued. “They need to understand that the best thing they can do is live for God’s glory. And at Passion, we’ve seen tens of thousands of young people come to Christ.”

The pastor told CP that while it’s been a number of years since he attended Baylor, the temptations and issues facing young people today haven’t changed. Still, the introduction of social media has posed challenges unseen just a few decades ago, he said.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett