WATCH: Christian Coffee Company in South Florida to Give 100 Cars to Struggling Single Mothers

A Christian-owned pro-life coffee company in South Florida has launched an initiative to use profits to gift 100 cars to struggling single mothers in need and has already assisted the mother of a severely autistic teen.

Burly Man Coffee, a Stuart-based subscription coffee service launched last December, gifted in March a four-door Kia sedan to Celeste Bokstrom, the mother and full-time caretaker of her 16-year-old non-verbal autistic son, Logan.

Bokstrom and Logan live in a makeshift apartment inside a single-car garage in Lake Worth. The mother is forced to use a hotplate as a stove and hasn’t owned a vehicle for the past four years.

“You do what you got to do when you are a mom,” Bokstrom said in a video produced by the coffee company. “It is a battle. It is all about keeping him happy. If he is happy. We are all happy. Generally, he is a happy child.”

Bokstrom said she once saved up $2,000 to purchase a car for her family. But when she went to register the car with the state, she was informed that it was a stolen car and she could not keep it.

Having taken her so long to save up the money, she said she was devastated to have “lost it all in a moment.”

But Bokstrom and her son were provided with a “hand-up” after Burly Man Coffee owners, Jeremy and Tiana Wiles, heard about the family’s struggles.

“I think that God looks down and He sees you stuck,” Jeremy Wiles told Bokstrom. “He doesn’t want you to be stuck. We thought we would do something to keep you moving forward.”

In addition to a new car, Bokstrom and her son were gifted with an iPad, a tool that will help him communicate and provide comfort when he is upset. The company also gifted other resources that will help with Logan’s caretaking.

The mother was also treated to a shopping spree, a surprise party with her friends and a salon makeover.

“To me, this is a lot more than gifts,” she said in the video. “This is making my life and my son’s life better in every way.”

The Wiles also connected Bokstrom with Michael Cohen, the director of Center for Brain in Jupiter, Florida, an institution that has helped treat thousands of severely autistic children.

Cohen is a leading expert in the field of neuro feedback and has agreed to treat Logan for free.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith